Dutch Sino Business Promotions contracted to setup ‘Elion Europe Technology Innovation Center’ in Zuid-Holland for China’s multi-billion Elion Group.

On Thursday 7 December 2017, at an official signing ceremony at the Provinciehuis of Zuid-Holland, in the presence of the King’s Commissioner to the Province of Zuid-Holland, Mr. Jaap Smit, the Chinese ambassador to The Netherlands, Mr. Wu Ken, and the founder and owner of China Elion Group, Mr. Wang Wenbiao, the China Elion Group signed three agreements that will establish their European presence in The Netherlands, and Europe.

After the opening speeches by the host, King’s commissioner Mr. Jaap Smit, and honorable guests, ambassador Mr. Wu Ken and Elion’s chairman Mr. Wang Wenbiao, the ceremony progressed into the signing of the three agreements. Two agreements were signed with existing Dutch companies. A merger and acquisition agreement with Verhoeven Milieu & Water and an strategic cooperation agreement with Nautilus Eco Solutions. The final agreement, and highlight of the ceremony, was signed between Dutch Sino Business Promotions (on behalf of Elion Group) and InnovationQuarter from The Hague for the start-up of the Elion Europe Technology Innovation Center, a development center focusing on ecological innovation technologies.

The China Elion Group is multi-billion corporation specialized in ecological environment restorations, aiming to restore damaged land and water and building eco-towns. Next to that they also focus on green energy, environmental protection and air pollution control. Elion has been adopting biological and ecological techniques to restore desertified, rocky, salinized, alkalized and degraded land and to improve the environment of western deserts in China, including ecological projects to improve environmental conditions in Northern China, Tibet, Southern Xinjiang and also an afforestation Project in Chongli for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games.

The China Elion Group will now expand its global presence and awareness through the merger and acquisition of Verhoeven Milieu & Water and by setting up an Innovation Center in Zuid-Holland, The Netherlands, where it will function as an incubator to promote the R&D of green technological innovations and also look for potential partnerships and cooperation with knowledge institutes and companies focused on environmental development.

The center will offer a unique opportunity for eco-based start-ups from around Europe, to have their ideas funded and put into practice in real-life projects throughout China and Europe, and ultimately throughout the world.

Dutch Sino Business Promotions will assist Elion in the setup of the Innovation Center by providing knowledge on local policies and regulations, financing structures and the management of the center’s day-to-day operations.

For more information on the Elion Europe Technology Innovation Center and the possibilities for cooperation and/or funding of incubator projects, please contact us at dsbp@dutchsino.com or +31103100829.

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