DSBP is giving away a Christmas tree – Our sustainable new years’ gift to you

2018 has been an important and valuable year for DSBP. After the establishment of DSBP Shanghai, it is now fully operational under the guidance of general manager Rachel Zhou enabling us to provide better services to our clients.

At this time of the year, in a moment of reflection, we ask ourselves how we have done and, more importantly, have we made a difference?
Here at DSBP we indeed hope we have made a difference in this past year, 2018. We are continuously focusing on our core sectors: governmental relations, environmental protection and horticulture and we always strive to create added value for our partners and clients and in doing so, our project and client list has expended in the past year.

But we also feel a broader responsibility, as a company that is aware of the world around us, and of the problems that the world is facing.

What is our value to society? 

We are facing one of the biggest challenges of all times:
How can we transition to a net carbon-neutral society and halt and reverse nature’s loss?

Unfortunately, we – DSBP – can not solve all these challenging problems, but we do wish to make our own contribution to society and involve you in doing so. After all, taking concrete actions is the motto and tradition of DSBP.

As a consultancy company that specializes in sustainability & environmental protection, we are aware of our (carbon) footprint on this planet. Every decision we make per day counts. Taking the bike today instead of the car, eating less or no meat this week, putting on a sweater instead of turning on the heater, or maybe plant a tree and create nature’s capital instead of only creating capital for our company and our savings account.

In this spirit, we have decided that our 2018 Christmas gift is that we will plant a tree in your name and make a small contribution to the restoration of the world’s natural resources!

Your tree is planted in the Kubuqi desert in China – the 7th biggest desert in the world – by our business partner Elion Ecological Restoration. The plant which we chose is Picea asperata Mast.
This plant grows in cold areas in China and can take up 1.84 gram of Co2 per day.
Next to this, the wood is especially well suited to be used for making musical instruments.

If you wish to know the exact location (coordinates) of your tree, please contact us.