Dix Xiong

Project Consultant

Dix Xiong comes from the Southwest of China. He has graduated from Guangdong University of Foreign Studies with Bachelor Degree majoring in Education and English language with Minor in Japanese and Accounting.

Dix adapted himself easily to the new environment and challenges. He used to live in Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Tibet, Sydney and Melbourne during his teenager years. He has traveled the entire southern part of China and has done the survey about Egypt via a voluntary project. He gained the rich life experience during the Gap Year in Australia from different job positions. Looking back to his past, with good combination of Chinese and Western life and working experience makes Dix a very people-oriented and team-spirit person ready in cross-cultural context and international interactions.

With his worldwide experience, professional knowledge reserve, problem solving skills, and great passion, Dix well fits in the DSBP Chinese team with building up the bridge between your business ambitions between China and Europe.