Environmental Resource Management

The fast economic development in China last twenty years leads to enormous environmental challenges. Everybody has heard of or experienced the serious smog haze generated by coal- fired power plants and huge traffic jams in Chinese cities. But how about other pollution and problems that we can not see with our eyes, such as soil & (ground) water contamination, ground subsidence due to huge extraction, vegetables growing on contaminated land with an overdose of fertilizers and pesticides?

Furthermore, economic boom has gone hand in hand with rapid urbanization. In the 1950s, 13% of China’s population lived in the cities. By 2010, the urbanization rate had grown to 45%; it’s estimated to reach 60% by 2030. 25 of the world’s largest 100 cities are in China.

In China the importance of facing the country’s challenges has been recognized now for some years. Most of all Chinese authorities realize that social stability and a healthy environment are interconnected, and need to be addressed from the early stages of industrial, agricultural and real estate development.
Dutch environmental, water and sustainable solutions have gained world recognition and can be well applied in the Chinese market with win-win results.
Dutch Sino Business Promotions have a great understanding of this specific field and well-built network.

We connect two worlds in this field of business by guiding companies visits, introduction & match making, in-depth consultancy services (technology transfer, M&A) and manage consortiums.


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