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Key points when to control the greenhouse climate during wintertime by Daisy Zhang – 3 February 2021

The climate is gradually entering the deep winter. Most of the greenhouse vegetables transplanted in the autumn and winter are in the picking and harvesting period, and the vegetables planned to overwinter are mostly in the flowering and fruiting period. But if the temperature drops too low, the vegetables have the risk of cold pressure and chilling damage. If the greenhouse climate control and operation are not performed properly, it is easy to cause different levels of undesirable phenomena such as plant wilting, small fruits falling off, or deformity of fruits. 

As a leading role of modern agricultural technology, smart glass greenhouses have certain advantages compared with traditional solar greenhouses when facing the winter weather such as haze, light snow, and strong winds. Of course, it is necessary to control and adjust the climate in the greenhouse based on the local environment, such as actual temperature and humidity, to meet the requirements of crops. 

Several key points of control and manipulation during the wintertime will be discussed: 

1. High indoors RH 

2. How to heat the greenhouse 

3. Extra CO2 supply plays a role in controlling temperature.

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