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IWA-ASPIRE 2019 Smart Solutions for Water Resilience
Hong Kong, 31-10 ~ 2-11 / 2019

The IWA-ASPIRE 2019 will be held on 31 October to 2 November 2019 in the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, located at the heart of the city center with excellent meeting and convention facilities and a proven record of hosting the international conference. The 3-day Conference and Exhibition plus technical visits and workshops will attract 1000 participants all over the world.

DSBP is delighted to see that IWA-ASPIRE shares the same ideas with the PIB – Urban Challenges, Integrated Sustainable Solution (PIB), and we believe that the meeting with PIB and other conference members will definitely sparkle, bridging knowledge and create business opportunities. On behalf of PIB, DSBP has written an abstract introducing the current environmental and water usage challenges in China, the expertise of PIB and the cases PIB has been working for.

DSBP is looking forward to the attendance of the PIB at IWA-ASPIRE, which forms an excellent opportunity bringing together many water experts sparking ideas in “Smart Solutions in Water Resilience”.

For more information on the PIB – Urban Challenges, Integrated Sustainable Solutions & IWA Aspire read our news here, or

Visit the IWA Aspire conference website


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