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NICOLE Spring Workshop 2019
Lyon, France – 12-14 June 2019

From 12-14 June 2019, NICOLE’s spring Workshop will be held in Lyon, France.
The topic of the workshop will be Smart Land Management Solutions (case studies).

Share and exchange experience on innovative solutions for land management that improve / ease liability management and/or increase land capital / value (natural, economic, social).

Key questions to address might include:

  • What is done differently in different countries?
  • How do solutions change over time?
  • What good experiences can we share or get?
  • What can work for my site?
  • Which solutions for the future?

NICOLE is a leading forum on industrially co-ordinated sustainable land management in Europe, promoting co-operation between industry, academia and service providers on the development and application of sustainable technologies.

The overall objective of NICOLE is to pro-actively enable European industry to identify, assess and manage industrially contaminated land efficiently, cost-effectively, and within a framework of sustainability.

DSBP is the secretarial office for NICOLE. If you wish to learn more about NICOLE, please visit their website on


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