Mayor of Rotterdam, Mr. Ahmed Aboutaleb, visits DSBP

Rotterdam has always had the image of a Port City: big industries with low educated hard labour. However, this image is changing in the last decades, as well as during the leadership of Mayor Aboutaleb. He supports small, fast growing new companies – the new image of Rotterdam: professional and internationally oriented.

Mayor Aboutaleb visited Dutch Sino Business Promotions (DSBP) on the 25th of August. DSBP has frequently supported Rotterdam: director Nan Su has accompanied the Mayor during several visits to China, and DSBP Shanghai General Manager Rachel Zhou organised many events for Rotterdam in Shanghai in her previous function at the Rotterdam Commercial Representative Office (RCRO) in Shanghai. When the RCRO closed down in 2017 after 25 years, Rachel joined the DSBP team.

During his visit to DSBP, the location manager of SPACES first gave an introduction to the mayor about the office location: DSBP is located in the heart of Rotterdam, at SPACES Hofplein. The landmark building from the 70s was previously owned by Shell, and was the first building higher than the city hall.However, around 10 years ago, when Shell closed its branch business located in the tower, the tower was empty for years, until Spaces started to explore with bringing in start-up, fast growing companies to the building and sharing all infrastructures such as front desk, cafe & restaurant and so on.

Afterwards, mayor Aboutaleb visited the DSBP office, where directors Nan Su and Floriske Deutman explained the main activities of DSBP. When the mayor heard that one of DSBP’s focus sector is creating business opportunities between Dutch and Chinese businesses on sustainability, water & environment, he enthusiastically shared his views on the importance of water, sustainability and environmental issues and especially their impact on big cities such as Rotterdam.
He advocated the need to show and demonstrate how those technologies are implemented in Rotterdam in order to exchange experiences or create business opportunities world wide, as well as in China.

He also showed great interest in how DSBP operates in attracting Chinese business to settle in Rotterdam and create added value for Rotterdam’s economic growth.

Rotterdam and Shanghai have a long lasting sister relation. Mayor Aboutaleb said that he is looking forward to exchange experiences with his Shanghai colleagues next year on common big-city-challenges, such as climate change and water use.

DSBP is ready to assist the city of Rotterdam and its mayor!