PIB Urban Challenges mission to China – H2O conference in Guangzhou

From 18 to 23 November, members of the Dutch-based Partnership International Business (PIB) Urban Challenges visited China (Beijing, Guangzhou & Shenzhen).

DSBP organized an H2O conference for the PIB members and Chinese counterparts on Wednesday 21 November in Guangzhou, with the working title “Water and Urban Develpoment”. The mission and conference was supported by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, RVO & Sun Yat Sen University and focused mainly on Sponge Cities, Sustainability, Urban Green, water management, groundwater use, master planning & environment.

Speakers from the Netherlands and China shared their experiences, case studies and intentions for future developments in the field of Water and Urban Development. Among the speakers were Embassy officials, business (wo)men, university professors and other experiences individuals.

With such a strong line-up of specialized contributors to the program, the conference provided great insight and many opportunities for the participants. Moreover, the conference was the first actual joint mission of the PIB members to China, endorsing the need for international cooperation on the development of sustainable urban areas in the landscape of rapidly growing urban areas in China.

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