PIB consortium exhibits the “sustainable urban delta” concept at the World Horti Expo in Beijing

From 29 April through 31 October 2019 the World Horti Expo will take place in Beijing, China.

The Dutch initiative “Sustainable Urban Delta“, a cooperation of leading Dutch companies in Water, Food, Energy & Mobility, will be one of the international exhibitors during the event. The PIB Integrated Sustainable Solutions is a close cooperation partner of the Sustainable Urban Delta.

Below is an example of how DSBP and the PIB consortium have facilited the “sustainable urban delta” concept from an artists impression into a 3D-model exhibited at the World Horti Expo in Beijing.

More info on the background of the Sustainable Urban Delta and it’s founder Priva can be found here.



DSBP Director Nan Su wins Rotterdamse Zakenvrouw Award 2019

In a packed Burgerzaal in Rotterdam’s city hall, the Rotterdamse Zakenvrouw Awards (Rotterdam Business Woman) ceremony was held on the evening of Wednesday April 10th, 2019. The awards we’re won by Nan Su of Dutch Sino Business Promotions, Marieke Pijler of Brand Density and Graciëlla van Hamersveld of Closure.

The awards were handed out by Councilor Barbara Kahtmann, and the opening ceremony was presented by Deputy Minister of Curacao Eunice Eisden.

In the category Business Woman with Personnel the award went to Nan Su, owner of Rotterdam-based Dutch Sino Business Promotions. Nan Su came to Holland when she was 19 to study International Business. Afterwards, Nan started DSBP with her business partner Floriske Deutman. A company that supports Chinese and Dutch clients in achieving their international business goals, through advice, translation, training and/or business support. Currently DSBP employs around 10 staff members in the Rotterdam region, and 2 in Shanghai.
Next to Nan Su, the other nominees in the category Business Woman with Personnel were Karin van Elten of Glazenwasserij van Elten and Emily Ansenk, director of the Kunsthal Rotterdam.

Read the full story on Rotterdam.nl/nieuws/rdamse-zakenvrouwen-2019/

DSBP Director Nan Su receives jury for Rotterdamse Zakenvrouw van het Jaar Award 2019

Last week Nan Su was visited by the jury of Rotterdamse Zakenvrouw van het Jaar 2019 at her office in the city center of Rotterdam, where she gave a presentation to the jury about her background, business and personal growth path and the influence Rotterdam has had on her career, from an intern at the KvK to a well established business owner with over 10 sector specialized staff members in Agri & Horti, Sustainability & Governmental Relations in both Rotterdam and Shanghai.

During the visit, the jury interacted and talked to staff members to get a good understanding of the work that Dutch Sino Business Promotions does between The Netherlands and China and the leading role Nan has in bridging the cultural differences.

Also present to support Nan were Danielle Bouwman (Nan’s KvK internship supervisor and inspiration), DSBP Advisory Board Member Leo Boersen, Dutch language teacher Elly van der Erve, NICOLE Representative Marcus van Zutphen (Shell), Spido CEO Leo Blok, former mayor and former minister of Justice Ivo Opstelten and, by video, Representative of the Provincie Zuid-Holland Jeanette Baljeu.

For more background info on Nan’s Rotterdam career path, please see her page on the Rotterdamse Zakenvrouw van het Jaar website, where you can also leave your vote at the bottom of the page.

We wish Nan all the best with the Rotterdamse Zakenvrouw van het Jaar 2019 election and hope to congratulate her during the award ceremony in the Rotterdam City Hall on Wednesday 10 April 2019!

Rotterdamse Zakenvrouw van het Jaar 2019 website – Nan Su