Signing and groundbreaking ceremony for the Rotterdam & Province South Holland Garden at the Chongming Flower Expo 2021

On 29 December the Consul-General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Shanghai, Remco van Wijngaarden hosted the signing and groundbreaking ceremony for the Rotterdam & South Holland Garden. This “Maze” garden will be built for the Chongming Flower Expo 2021 and was designed by Green Art International.

Green Art International, Dutch Sino Business Promotions, DSBP, Chongming Flower Expo, Shanghai Flower Expo

Design of Green Art International for the Rotterdam-PZH Garden at the Chongming Flower Expo 2021

The sister relationship between Shanghai and Rotterdam was established in 1979. Since then, the cities have been cooperating in fields like trade, investment, urban development, environmental protection, health, culture, and education. The Rotterdam – Zuid Holland Garden is one more example of this cooperation.

The city of Municipality Rotterdam and the province of Zuid Holland will promote innovative solutions for climate resilience and horticulture at the Chongming Flower expo 2021. Dutch Sino Business Promotions supports PZH and Rotterdam to showcase its own concept garden at the Expo, together with Green Art International and Shanghai Yuanlin, as an example of the cooperation between Rotterdam/Zuid Holland and Shanghai (Chongming).


Gemeente Rotterdam, Provincie Zuid Holland, Dutch Sino Business Promotions, Chongming Flower Expo

The signing ceremony was therefore supported and presented by the Consul-General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Shanghai. The Consul-general Remco va Wijngaarden, Senior Policy Advisor Nick Hong were present and DSBP Managing Partner Rachel Zhou were present. As well as the representatives of the Chongming Government, Shanghai Foreign Affairs Office, Shanghai Municipal Agriculture and Rural Affairs Commission, Shanghai Landscape Group & The Flower Expo Preparatory Committee. 

DSBP, Consulate General of The Netherlands in Shanghai, Dutch Sino Business Promotions

At the ceremony, the video messages of Zuid Holland Vice-Governor Adri Bom Lenstra and Rotterdam Deputy Mayor Barbara Kathmann were well received.

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