Collaboration project with Wolfert Tweetalig Rotterdam and Shanghai Pinghe School at the Rotterdam-PZH Garden 2021 China Flower Expo

Last week was the official opening ceremony of the 10th China Flower Expo Park in Chongming, Shanghai! As the world’s largest flower producer and exporter, the Netherlands and Chongming have always had close ties and good exchanges in flower gardening and food production. The Rotterdam-PZH garden is also one of the twelve international friendly cooperation exhibition parks at the Flower Expo.

As mentioned in the design concept of the exhibition garden, facing the challenges of climate change and urbanization, we are facing a complicated labyrinth, and the solution is our path to the future.

The designer of the exhibition garden, Mr. Bert Dautzenberg, believes that children are the masters of the future. Children’s curiosity, creativity and unlimited potential will guide ourselves, lead us through the maze and reach a sustainable future, which is the concept expressed in the central pavilion of the exhibition garden, which is why this is an interaction with children Garden.

In order to more visualize the concept of “children are the masters of the future”, the Rotterdam Exhibition Park in South Holland Province also provides space for children’s artworks. In particular, the Rotterdam Wolfert Bilingual School and the Shanghai Pinghe Bilingual School under the relationship of sister schools have been invited. The artworks of the future of the students from the two schools is exhibited in the Rotterdam-PZH garden.


With the efforts of Mr. Bert, the chief designer of the garden, and Dutch Sino Business Promotions who was charge of assisting the exchanges between the two schools, the students from Wolfert have made artistic creations in response to the urban challenges under climate change, and presented them through photography, sketching, painting, etc. Environmental and development challenges faced by the two cities. The students from Shanghai Pinghe School have created a “Banner of Wishes” which is hang above the central pavilion of the exhibition garden to send their wishes about the future city and their message of joint efforts on climate change.

In such an exhibition garden, we can fully feel the imagination of the future garden, which is a feast of senses with vision, taste, smell, hearing and touch. This is also a garden that welcomes the future masters of the world, so that children can have more opportunities to learn and inspire for future sustainable development.


At the Rotterdam-PZH garden, a total of 7 young authors from the Wolfert Bilingual School in Rotterdam were collected. The students from Shanghai Pinghe Bilingual School also drew ancient Chinese characters on the colorful flags hung in the center of the exhibition hall under the leadership of the teacher to extend best wishes to the future urban environment.

DSBP will launch a series of articles the upcoming period to focus on this bright spot and take you to take a closer look at the future masters of the art of creating a sustainable future Today. 

First of all, there will be taken a look at some of the sustainable locations in the city taken by Rocus and Zara from the Wolfert Bilingual School in Rotterdam, as well as the places where nature and the city can be intertwined.

Message from the young author:


Even though we live in the city, a lot of nature is present around us Initiatives such as ‘Blue City’ and the ‘Recycled Park’ create sustainable workplaces and recreational parks to create for the topic of sustainability.  To really try and find the balance between urban structure and sustainability we decided to head into the city and photograph sustainable places or places where nature and the city can become intertwined.


—— Rocus & Zara


In the eyes of the young authors, these corners of the city photographed from a specific angle are a landscape intertwined with nature. After enjoying these conceived photographic works, please also expect that we will continue to focus on these wonderful works full of imagination and creativity in a series of feature articles!

Please have a look below to view the photographic works of Rocus & Zara at the Rotterdam-PZH Garden.

The opening of the 10th China Flower Expo and the PZH Rotterdam Garden at the China Flower Expo 2021

Opening of the PZH Rotterdam Garden at China Flower Expo 2021

The Province of South Holland (PZH) and the Municipality of Rotterdam are building a pavilion at the China Flower EXPO 2021 in Shanghai, at the invitation of the Shanghai sub-municipality of Chongming because of the sister relationship between Shanghai and Rotterdam.

The China Flower Expo (a Chinese version of the Floriade) is the largest and most influential flower event in China. The opening of the 10th edition of the China Flower EXPO, themed “Blossom with the Chinese Dream”, is on May 21. The Expo will run until July 2, 2021, withmore than 3 million visitors are expected, mainly from China itself, but also from abroad.

The organization expects government officials from all provinces, groups of companies including state and private companies and individual visitors and day trippers. Some large companies also have their own company pavilion or garden at the Expo.

Opening Ceremony China Flower Expo Shanghai 2021

The PZH / Rotterdam Garden

With the resources made available from Shanghai Chongming, PZH and Rotterdam have built a 500 m2 pavilion based on the design of Green Art International under the direction of designer Bert Dautzenberg with the title: Resilient City – Feeding & Greening Megacities.

As Rotterdam is within the delta region of the lower Rhine River, and is actively responding to the impact of climate change on all aspects of the city, such as flooding, high summer temperatures, and limited resources. When the city faces these challenges squarely, this does not hinder the city’s efforts to build a sustainable future with the spirit of “making it true”.

Rotterdam is part of the “One Hundred Resilient Cities” initiative, which is dedicated to their transition towards a future-oriented city.

Famous projects such as sponge gardens, green and edible roofs, and floating projects such as exhibition halls, farms, and recycling parks all reflect Rotterdam’s commitment to building a sustainable city.

The pavilion focuses on themes such as climate adaptation, food security and safety, modern agriculture and horticulture, biodiversity and air quality, because these are also important themes and spearheads in the policy of the province of South Holland and of Rotterdam.

The core design of the Rotterdam-PZH Garden starts from a Maze, with the theme of “Uncovering the Mystery and Leading to the Future”: on one hand, it contains the challenges of climate change and urbanization, and on the other hand, it symbolizes people’s efforts to solve the challenges where measures must be taken.

Garden Design - PZH Rotterdam Garden China Flower Expo

Rotterdam-PZH Garden China Flower Expo Chongqing
Rotterdam-PZH Garden China Flower Expo Chongqing

Designer introduction

The designer of the exhibition garden, Mr. Bert Dautzenberg, combined the creation of a resilient city that adapts to climate change with the concept of urban supply and green development in his design, which perfectly fits the city of Rotterdam with “Make It Happen”. Slogan to build a vision for a sustainable future.

Bert Dautzenberg

Designers Message 

“I am very happy to be able to participate in the Flower Fair. I am very much looking forward to seeing my design in Chongming, Shanghai.”

Highlights of the exhibition garden

Etwin Grootscholten, Senior Policy Advisor for Greenport Agricultural Affairs of the South Holland Provincial Government, and a poet of the provincial government, also presented a poem “Fresh Bright”, which added to the exhibition garden.

Etwin Grootscholten Poet China Flower Expo Rotterdam PZH Garden





een kas is van glas

een vaas is van glas


ik zet paprika’s in een vaas

ik zet komkommers in een vaas

ik zet tomaten in een vaas


en de bloemen eet ik op

als ik kijk

naar duizend geuren

As Etwin Grootscholten expressed in his message to the Flower Fair in poems, Rotterdam and Shanghai have had friendly exchanges for many years. At this Flower Fair, the Rotterdam Exhibition Garden in South Holland Province also specially invited sister schools. The Wolfert Bilingual School of Rotterdam and the Peace and Bilingual School of Shanghai Pinghe School exhibited their visions of the future by students from the two schools.

International Day of Biodiversity:

Among the student works, a work by a Wolfert student, “Insect Hotel Wall”, conveys the concept of protecting insects and protecting biodiversity. It just happened to be on the second day of the China flower expo on May 22, and it was also an international theme anniversary day proposed by the United Nations Environment Program for the protection and sustainable use of biodiversity.

Although while technology continues to advance, the access to many resources such as water, food, medicine, clothing, fuel, shelter, and energy still depends entirely on a healthy and vibrant ecosystem.

The theme of “Nurture the life of all things by the way of nature” emphasizes the importance of hope and unity, and the importance of working together at all levels to build a future life in harmony with nature.

The theme for 2021 is “We are part of the solution”.

The slogan was chosen to continue the development momentum of last year’s theme of “nourishing all things through the way of nature”, which reminds people that biodiversity is still the answer to several sustainable development challenges. From nature-based solutions to climate, health issues, food and water security, and sustainable livelihoods, biodiversity is the foundation on which we can rebuild a better home.

Insect Wall Rotterdam PZH Garden China Flower Expo

Program around the PZH / Rotterdam Garden 

The Dutch Days in China is a festivity of culture and creativity dedicated to showcase and promote the Dutch excellence in culture and creativity and cultural exchange in China. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, physical presence from Rotterdam and PZH unfortunately not possible.

Therefore, PZH and Rotterdam are organizing a hybrid online-offline program around the Flower Expo. In collaboration with the Shanghai Bright Food Group, one of the largest food companies in China, a seminar will be organized on June 24 entitled “Applied Horticulture Knowledge for a Flourishing City”.  

If you are interested, you can request for more information and sign up for this seminar via  

DSBP joined the Hebei Langfang International Trade Fair

Langfang Trade Fair

The Langfang International Trade Fair is a major annual international business event jointly organized by the Hebei Provincial Government and the Chinese Ministry of Commerce. It always takes place on May 18th and is attended by many Chinese national and Hebei leaders. This year, key-note speeches were delivered by Xu Qin, Governor of Hebei, and the Chinese Vice-minister of Commerce, among others.

Langfang Hebei Trade fair
Langfang Trade Fair in Hebei

In line with the international positioning and innovative development of Hebei Province, 17 sub-events were organised after the opening ceremony. One of these events was the Overseas Projects Roadshow and Matchmaking Seminar, targeted at international cooperation and innovation projects. 

Director Shaw Qin from DSBP was invited to present the “Dutch-Sino Innovative Solar Greenhouse Project” during the online seminar, together with Wageningen University and Research Center and Zhongnong Futong Co., Ltd.

DSBP Langfang Trade Fair
Zhongnong Futong Lang Fang Trade Fair

Want to know more about this project? Check out the presentation video below;

DSBP is always looking for new, alternative ways of doing business and explore opportunities via her excellent network, as a true bridge between the Netherlands (Europe) and China.

DSBP heeft met succes drie Nederlandse KWPN paarden gekocht en getransporteerd voor haar Chinese klant naar China

DSBP heeft met succes drie Nederlandse KWPN paarden gekocht en getransporteerd voor haar Chinese klant naar China.

In opdracht van onze Chinese klant heeft DSBP kortgeleden 3 Nederlandse KWPN paarden gekocht die met succes getransporteerd zijn naar de Chinese stad Cangzhou in China. Op dit moment zitten de paarden in de quarantaine en zullen zo spoedig weer gebruikt kunnen worden voor hun paardensport doeleinden.

Vanaf het moment dat de Olympische Spelen in China werden georganiseerd in 2008 begon de populariteit van de hippische sport te stijgen en neemt het aantal maneges en paardenclubs exponentieel toe. Het aantal georganiseerde wedstrijden begint daarnaast langzamerhand sneller te groeien en de Chinese zakenlieden willen graag dat hun paarden ook mee doen aan deze paardensport wedstrijden.

Op dit moment vinden er veel ontwikkelingen plaats in de Chinese paarden industrie waarbij onze Chinese opdrachtgever de ’’ Cangzhou Cup’’ Grand Canal Equestrian heeft georganiseerd in het Cangzhou Impression Grand Canal Agricultural Ecological Industrial Park gelegen in de Chinese stad Cangzhou, Hebei provincie.


Dit is het eerste gemeentelijke paardensportevenement in de geschiedenis van Cangzhou. Dit evenement werd georganiseerd door de lokale overheid van de stad Cangzhou en was bedoeld om een hoog sport niveau te promoten in combinatie met evenementen, de ontwikkeling van de paardensport te verrijken met het massasportleven met “professionele sport-, sport- en entertainment en volledige participatie. Dit georganiseerde evenement creëerde niet alleen een boost voor de paardensport in Cangzhou, maar zal ook een belangrijke rol spelen bij het bevorderen van de ontwikkeling van hippische ontwikkeling in de stad Cangzhou.

In de openingstoespraak verklaarde de burgemeester Liang Yinghua dat paardensport een internationale, professionele en marktgerichte sport is met een sterke participatie en interesse, en dat het een industrie is met een enorm groeipotentieel. Daarnaast gaf Liang Yinghua aan dat Cangzhou een diepe historische relatie met de paardensport.

Op 1 Mei 2021 ging het evenement van start waarbij circa 300 groepen mannen en paarden van meer dan 60 clubs uit heel China hebben gestreden in 10 diverse groepen. Het evenement duurde drie dagen en werdt gezamenlijk ondersteund door de Hebei Equestrian Sports Association en de Beijing Equestrian Sports Association.

Volgens Chen Che, vice-president en secretaris-generaal van de Beijing Equestrian Sports Association, heeft de paardensport in China de afgelopen jaren een sterke ontwikkeling heeft doorgemaakt: op dit moment zijn er meer dan 1 miljoen paardensport populatie en meer dan 2600 paardensportclubs. Er vonden op dit evenement in totaal 10 competitieve niveaus plaats, waaronder 30cm cross-stroke-competitie, 50CM stick time-competitie, 60CM-scorecompetitie, 80CM clubteam en individuele competitie, 90CM master- en leerling competitie en 90CM-segmentcompetitie.

In het Cangzhou Impression Grand Canal Agricultural Ecological Industrial Park met overal bloemen en groen, scheen de zon fel, en veel ouders brachten hun kinderen naar het park om paardensportevenementen te bekijken en paardensport te ervaren. Binnen het carnavalsgebied van dit evenement werden tussen de wedstrijden door modelwandelingen, dans, cheerleading en andere culturele optredens worden georganiseerd. Verderop waren er verschillende kraampjes met verschillende paardenuitrusting met betrekking tot de paardensport, snacks en hobbelpaardspeelgoed.

We represented our clients at the Sino-Dutch Horticultural Roadshow in Wuhan, Sino-Dutch Environmental Exchanges in Shanghai and Hortiflorexpo IPM Shanghai

Whereas many exhibitions and other in-person events are being cancelled or postponed in many other countries, business has gotten back on track again in China since the country has the virus under control. 

Many companies continue to do business as usual again and large exhibitions are being organised again in China. Although, due to the travel restrictions, many of our clients cannot travel to China. Therefore, we seek to play an important role for our clients with their operations in China. In the past few months, we have noticed that the demand for our support has increased since life in China has started to become normal again. In the month April, our Shanghai Office has represented our clients at several large roadshows and exhibitions in China. 

The Hortiflorexpo IPM 2021 was organised in Shanghai which is considered as the largest and most important specialised horticultural fair in China. This exhibition was very well attended where our Shanghai Office represented our clients DanDutcH ApS and Debets Schalke Turn-key greenhouse projects at the Dutch pavilion of the Hortiflorexpo IPM.  

Hortiflorexpo IPM Flower Expo Shanghai

Figure 1. DSBP Shanghai Office represented Debet Schalke and DanDutch at the Hortiflorexpo IPM 2021

Right after the Hortiflorexpo IPM, from 18 April till 20 April 2021, the Sino-Dutch Horticultural Roadshow was organised in Wuhan.

NBSO Wuhan and Hubei International Science and Technology Exchange Center organised a successful roadshow to Hubei province with visits to the Hubei Agricultural Academy of Science and business meetings were organised together with the Hubei Department for Agriculture and Wuhan Agricultural Bureau.

Over 200 participants from 100+ companies participated at the NL horticultural matchmaking event which was held on 19th April. In addition, the NL horticultural roundtable meeting was held with another 30 leading horticultural companies from Wuhan.

During this horticultural roadshow in Wuhan, our Shanghai office represented our clients DanDutch and Debets Schalke to create concrete business opportunities for them in China.

Figure 2. DSBP Shanghai Office represented Debet Schalke and DanDutch at the Sino-Dutch Horticultural roadshow in Wuhan

On Apr 21, the Counsellor for Water, Transport and Environment Bart Pauwels opened the Sino-Dutch Environmental Technology Exchanges at the IE EXPO in Shanghai.

The event was supported by the RVO and co-organized by Consulate General of Kingdom of Netherlands and the Shanghai Environmental Protection Industry Association. Together with experts from the Shanghai Academy of Environmental Sciences, 5 Dutch representatives in the sectors of dust control, civil sludge treatment, domestic waste collection and treatment, and smart urban solutions shared their knowhow & experiences with local audiences.

Rachel Zhou,  director of DSBP China did a presentation about PIB Urban Challenges by sharing the integrated solutions for facing urban development difficulties.

In the afternoon op April 22, counselor Bart Pauwels headed a joint delegation to visit the Shanghai Landscaping and City Appearance Bureau. The delegation introduced Dutch technology on waste treatment and urban environmental protections.

Figure 3. DSBP Shanghai Office represented PIB Urban Challenges at the Sino-Dutch Environmental Tech exchanges in Shanghai