DSBP organized a successful hybrid conference “Applied Horticulture Knowledge for Green City Development” at the China Flower Expo 2021

On June 22, DSBP organized the hybrid conference “Applied Horticulture Knowledge for Green City Development”, hosted by Zuid-Holland Province, Shanghai Bright Food Group and the Embassy of Netherlands in Beijing.

In the offline venue in Shanghai Chongming, Mr. Jaap Smit, Governor of Province of Zuid-Holland, and Mr. Wouter Verhey, Agricultural Counsellor at the Netherlands Embassy in China and leaders from Shanghai Municipal Commission of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and Chongming District Government addressed the offline and online audience.

Afterwards, professional presentations were delivered by Mr. Zhang Yongchun from the Shanghai Flower Association, Mr. Gu Junjie from Shanghai Flower Group, Mr. Peter Hendriks from Hoogendoorn, Mr. Luo Jingning from Haibo Logistics, Mr. Eric Egberts from Dutch Greenhouse Delta, Mr. Sander Smeding form Anthura and Mr. Zhou Pei from Shanghai Jiaotong University. They shared their insights and experiences about the development and innovation in the Dutch horticultural sector. Mr. Etwin Grootscholten, Senior Policy Advisor Greenport at Province of Zuid-Holland addressed a closing speech, together with vice-president Xu Ruqing from Bright Food Group.

With approximately 100 guests in the conference room and 50 participants in the online Zoom-room, the Sino-Dutch conference was such a success that Bright Food Group is considering turning this event into an annual conference.

China Flower Expo Wouter Verhey

More than 100 participants and local news media participated in this seminar online and offline in China and in the Netherlands.

DSBP, as the co-organizer, together with Bright Real Estate Group Co., Limited, adopted several ways for the best online interactions. We created a WeChat group for attendees and panelists to start the discussion anytime. We also applied the Chat and Q&A functions during the conference. Thank you for joining us!


New Team Members for DSBP Shanghai

Dutch Sino Business Promotions (DSBP) is thrilled to welcome two powerhouse additions and very experienced senior advisors to our team in Shanghai: Ms. Mengyao Pan and Mr. Nick Hong.

Mengyao Pan


Mengyao Pan graduated from EDHEC Business School in France with a Strategic Management master’s degree. She has been working at the Dutch Embassy in Beijing for 10 years, including 5 years of experience in the Department of Agriculture. 

As the Marketing Director of DSBP Shanghai, Mengyao will mainly focus on the PIB (Partners for International Business) Horti China Liaison Project, as well as other agri-horticultural related projects.

Nick Hong

Nick Hong is a Senior Advisor in the field of agriculture. He graduated from Agriculture College of Shanghai Jiao Tong University in 1983. After his graduation he worked at the Shanghai Agriculture Academy of Sciences for over 12 years. Besides this, he has over 24 years of experience as an Agriculture Officer at the Consulate General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Shanghai. Nick is an expert in international business in the field of agro-food.

As Senior Advisor of DSBP Shanghai, Nick will team up with Mengyao to work (part-time) on the PIB Horti China Liaison Project.

For over 10 years, DSBP organizes events and missions, and guides businesses, knowledge institutes and governmental organizations from both The Netherlands and China to achieve their business goals. The DSBP office in Shanghai has been crucial in successfully delivering the professional services of the company.

Especially in times like these, where travelling is still highly restricted, our foothold in Shanghai ensures the representation of Dutch clients in China and guarantees smooth communication with the Chinese side. 

Therefore, we are very happy to take Mengyao and Nick on board of the Shanghai team, to learn from each other and facilitate business opportunities between The Netherlands and China.

DSBP organized the Sino-Dutch hybrid Horticultural Matchmaking Conference with Dezhou

The pandemic still greatly restricts international business exchanges. However, new type of events and new ways of doing business are set up, such as the Hybrid 2021 China Horticultural Matchmaking Conference, that was coordinated by DSBP. The conference was a successful combination of online participation and two offline venues in TomatoWorld as well as in Dezhou, China. 

Mr. Wouter Verhey, Ms. Adri Bom-Lemstra, Mr. Arne Weverlin, Mr. Etwin Grootscholten, Mr. Martin van Gogh, Mr. Maarten Hermus and Xiaoling Sun were invited to deliver speeches and presentations about the Dutch horticultural sector.

A number of companies from Dezhou and the Netherlands participated online or offline in the event including Certhon, Svensson, Priva and DanDutch

During the event, Ms. Rachel Zhou, our DSBP Partner and General Manager in Shanghai and Ms. Song Xiaomei, Dezhou Municipal Foreign Affairs Office Director formally signed an agreement of establishing Dezhou Overseas Liaison Office in the Netherlands.

DSBP is always looking for new, alternative ways of doing business and explore opportunities via her excellent network, as a true bridge between the Netherlands (Europe) and China.

‘Banner of Wishes’ – Artwork Pinghe Students at the PZH Rotterdam Garden 2021 China Flower Expo

The 10th China Flower Expo in Chongming, Shanghai blossomed the sister relationship between Shanghai and Rotterdam. They are also well connected because they are both very important harbor cities, connecting the world around us.

Among their well-established friendship, the Wolfert Bilingual School in Rotterdam established an exchange program with Pinghe Bilingual School in Shanghai to further facilitate the cultural and educational activities. The sisterly partnership was established in 2012 and has been a great success for over nine years. The program organizes short- and long-term exchanges, study tours and summer camps. Students are able to dive into each other’s cultures, extend friendship and exchange languages.

The program also facilitates exchange opportunities for teachers from both schools, working as a language instructor and exchanging information and knowledge between the schools. This effectively strengthens the relationship, creates mutual understanding and broadens the horizon of the teachers and the students.


In light of the opening of the PZH – Rotterdam Garden, students from the Pinghe school and Wolfert school are led by their art teachers and guided by the Garden Designer Bert Dautzenberg to create art pieces for the garden in relation to urban sustainable development. This engages the students with the topic of sustainable development and allows them to learn about creating a climate resilient future. As Mr. Dautzenberg says: 


“Children are the masters of the future” 


The artwork created by the students from the Pinghe school is inspired by their wishes for future urban development. They have drawn ancient Chinese characters on colorful banners which resembles the hope for a bright future. The ‘Banner of Wishes’ is hung parallel to the aluminum cans, above the central pavilion.

The content of the banners is filled with wishes and efforts for a sustainable future. The ancient characters are originally derived from nature 4,000 years ago and are still used today. As such, the Banner of Wishes shows commitment and hope to a world like before with clear water, air and full of nature.

What do you wish for our future?  


Registration Form Seminar – Applied Horticulture Knowledge In The Green City Development

This event has already been finished.

Please contact DSBP to receive the report of this event.

The 10th China Flower Expo with the theme “Blossoming Chinese dream” will be held on Chongming Island, Shanghai, China from the 21st of May until the 2nd of July 2021. The China Flower EXPO is the largest and most influential national flower event in China. Zuid-Holland Province and Rotterdam have created a joint pavilion at the Expo.

On Tuesday June 22nd, Province of Zuid Holland and the Embassy of the Kingdom of The Netherlands in China will organize a hybrid (online-offline) seminar in Shanghai Chongming, together with Shanghai Bright Food Group, one of the biggest food companies in China.

This seminar will have a live-stream and interaction possibilities for online participants, and a live location in the Flower Expo Hotel in Shanghai Chongming. 

Date and Time: 22 June 2021, 8:00 – 11:00 (CET)

Speakers from government and businesses will discuss the current situation and development of the Shanghai vegetable & flower supply and closing the gap between investments in hardware and having the correct skills to make optimal use of the technologies. We will discuss the innovative and practical application of Sino-Dutch advanced protected agriculture and floriculture technology, equipment and production to jointly faciliate the green development of Shanghai.

To register for the seminar, please fill out the following form below:

When you have registered for the online seminar, you will receive an access link beforehand. 


Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Beijing
Shanghai Bright Food Group
Provincie of Zuid Holland

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