DSBP supported Provincie Zuid Holland, Floriade Dialougues Organization, Dutch Greenhouse Delta with organizing the Floriade Dialogue Webinar

On behalf of Provincie Zuid-HollandDutch Sino Business Promotions supported the Floriade Dialogues organization and Dutch Greenhouse Delta to organize an Online China special of the Floriade Dialogues, a webinar focused on the business exchange between the Dutch horticultural sector and their Chinese counterparts, on 22 February.

China is currently one of the most booming business destinations for the Dutch horticultural sector. Moreover, special attention was devoted to the celebration of 50 years diplomatic relations between China and the Netherlands during the webinar.

Mr. Meindert Stolk, Vice-governor Province of Zuid-Holland was invited to deliver a keynote speech during the opening of the webinar. During the event, experts and businesses from Wageningen University & ResearchPhilipsGemeente Westland and FoodVentures shared and discussed new innovative ideas that contribute to the sustainable production of food and flowers using circular high tech greenhouses.

As the China service desk of Provincie Zuid-Holland, DSBP invited Chinese guests from Hebei Province, Shanxi Province, Beijing Agriculture Buruea, Dezhou City, and Shanghai Chongming District to join the webinar.

A sub venue in Dezhou City: local agricultural companies and knowledge institutes were also invited by the Foreign Affairs Office to participate in the webinar.

50 Jaar diplomatieke relatie Nederland en china

Virtual event about trends in Chinese horticultural business and the collaboration between the Netherlands and China

Together with Tomatoworld, DSBP successfully organized a virtual event about trends in Chinese horticultural business and the collaboration between the Netherlands and China on February 7th . This was the first day that the Chinese went back to work after a week Chinese New Year celebration.

During the event, Albert Abee (Vice-mayor of Gemeente Westland, Zhang Tianzhu (Professor at the China Agriculture University), Jos van Mil (Managing Partner Product & Market Innovation at Greenco and Miranda V. (Managing Director at Tomatoworld) shared their views about Chinese policies, business challenges, education and training, and data-driven growing from different perspectives. Experts, entrepreneurs and governmental officials from Koppert Biological Systems , Berg Hortimotive, ICBC (EUROPE) S.A. Amsterdam Branch, Provincie Zuid-Holland and the Agriculture and Rural Affairs Department of Shanxi Province joined the event as well.

Under the framework of the 50th anniversary of the establishment of ambassador-level diplomatic relations between the Netherlands and China, DSBP will organize more events in the fields of agri-horticulture, climate adaptation and sustainability, trade and investment, and governmental relation to boost the business collaboration between our two countries.

50 Jaar diplomatieke relatie Nederland en china

China and The Netherlands pledge to enhance its cooperation with each other

On Wednesday 26 January 2022, Premier Li Keqiang held a virtual meeting with Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte. The Netherlands is an important cooperative partner of China in Europe, where China attaches great importance to further develop its relations with the Netherlands.

Li Keqiang expressed that he hopes that the Netherlands, as an important member of the EU, will play a constructive role in promoting China-EU relations and cooperation. China is hereby ready to take the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties as an opportunity to work with the Netherlands to bring more benefits to the two countries and peoples. 

Li Keqiang Mark Rutte Meeting Virtual Online

The logo of the 50-year diplomatic relationship between China and the Netherlands consists of various elements, including water, where the logo is composed of abstract water lines because water is of great significance in the Dutch-Sino History and Culture. The number “50” is the main element of the logo where at the bottom, the word “people” is overlapped. The friendship between the people is key to the friendship of the two countries symbolising the long-standing friendship between China and the Netherlands. The anniversary logo also uses the two colours of “Chinese red” and “Dutch orange,” with a simple and generous design presented in the Dutch elements.

50 Jaar diplomatieke relatie Nederland en china