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Dutch Sino Business Promotions is hosting the ”Get to Know More” Webinar every upcoming Friday from 16.00-16.30. “Get to Know More” is a series of presentations which DSBP is going to host in the upcoming period, we will introduce more interesting topics to let you get to know more. So keep tuned and get to know more about the latest, most interesting, and most informative topics in different fields!

Join our session every Friday afternoon at 16.00 via Zoom.
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Our Green Ambition by Nan Su | Managing Partner of DSBP – 16 October 2020

COVID-19 changed us in many ways.

It changed how we live, how we work, how our city runs.

What has Changed?

For our company: no business missions to China anymore and no delegations from China to be accompanied. But, it gives us plenty of time to look into our organization, our strength and most importantly our sources of passion. Our Managing Partner Nan Su grew up in a mega city – she calls it a ”concrete desert”, she didn’t know what ”biodiversity” means, because in a metropolitan area, you don’t see many different species then human being. Adding on with challenges such as climate change (heat stress, frequent flooding,  longer draughts, loss of biodiversity) and healthy food for supply for mega cities..

We finally have ”time” to think about it – what can we do with our knowledge, network and expertise? And of course, we take actions. Establishing the foundation – European Green Cities/Sites Development Enabling Nature based Solutions

Can we bring positive influence in this world and meanwhile build a healthy business model? Friday afternoon, we would like to present you our ideas and get inspirations from you.

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 The subnational governmental relations between China and Europe by Shaw Qin | Director of DSBP – 9 October 2020

Subnational governmental relation, or called city diplomacy, is more visible in the international exchange along with the rapid urbanisation globally. It is also playing a considerable role in the relation between Europe and China. Until July of 2015, as an official report from the Chinese side indicated, 776 cities and provinces between China and Europe have established a sister city relationship.

What’s the motivation for Chinese cities and provinces to go abroad? Can the international relationship with Chinese cities and provinces actually bring business benefits? Will the subnational governmental relation be influenced by geopolitical change and the national bilateral relation?

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The China’s Bold New Carbon Neutral Plan by Floriske Deutman | Managing Partner of DSBP – 2 October 2020 

China – The biggest pollution nation in the world – made a surprising announcement last week during the United Nations conference that China will drastically slash emissions and reach net-zero by 2060. 

How are they going to achieve it? China currently represents 28% of the total greenhouse gas emissions!

What is the motivation behind this decision, what will it mean for us and also for our business? Does it mean that China will shift away from a growth-based economy? 

Did you miss this session? Please download the PPT here

One Village One Product – China’s Rural Development Strategy by Daisy Zhang – 25 September 2020

After the urbanization, it is now very important in China to focus on the development of rural areas. For example, how to shift the stress from the cities and how to develop more potential in less developed areas.

This is the latest rural development strategy in which China emphasizes on. 

But how are they doing this? One of the key aspects is to create specialties for each village – One Village One Product (OVOP) as the rural development strategy in many Asian countries. 

Did you miss this session? Please download the PPT here

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