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Ditte van Daalen

Ditte van Dalen

Junior Advisor

Fascinated by the vast development of China, Ditte moved to Beijing in 2016. After one year of studying the language and culture she gained a deeper understanding of the Chinese way of thinking and an advanced level in Mandarin Chinese. This experience encouraged her to pursue a bachelor’s degree in International Relations and International Organisations at the University of Groningen. 

Here, she developed a strong sense for analytical writing in the fields of global political and economic relations. In specific she developed an expertise in China-related matters such as the China-EU relationship and in the China – Africa relations. In addition, she is currently pursuing a double degree master degree in economic development and globalisation with a focus on China and the world economy at the University of Groningen.


Met een volledige Engelse opleiding aan de Rotterdam International Secondary School, haar ervaring in Peking en ook een Engelstalige bacheloropleiding, is ze cultureel bewust en wereldwijd georiënteerd. Haar focus ligt op het verbeteren van relaties in de wereld door middel van duurzame manieren. 


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