Participation H2020 project

Earlier this month, DSBP has a received a great news! Together with other European institutes, companies and semi-governmental agencies as well as Chinese partners, our joint proposal for the H2020 (RIA) New Biotechnologies to Remediate Harmful Contaminants has been selected. The project “ Enhanced and Innovative In Situ Bioremediation for Contaminated Land Remediation (EiCLaR) ” awarded by European Union will kick off in 2021, coordinated by Ecole Centrale de Lyon (ECL), Université de Lyon and R3 Environmental Technology Ltd. 

Dutch Sino Business Promotions is proud to partnering with the consortium dedicated to research on innovative soil remediation technologies. Our major role will be (but not limited to) providing expertise in engaging the Chinese stakeholders, mapping market interests, facilitating collaborations between European and Chinese organizations, and result sharing at key events. We believe DSBP’s  network and market experiences in both China and Europe has prepared us well for this project, therefore, we look forward to contributing to a successful H2020 project for the next few years with our partners.

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