PIB Integrated Sustainable Solution on Urban Challenges & China’s Vanke Group sign MoU

With the support of Dutch Sino Business Promotions, the commercial consortium of Integrated Sustainable Solution on Urban Challenges (a PIB program) signed cooperation MoU with one of the biggest Chinese real estate company Vanke Group

MOU signing, PIB consortium representative Dr. Peter Scholten with Vanke group, Oct 2017

The MoU was prepared by DSBP and signed by consortium representative Dr Peter Scholten Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies (IHS) Erasmus University Rotterdam.

In recent years China’s urban development practice has started shifting its focus from city expansion towards inner-city renewal. City governments and planners are rediscovering the potential of historic city quarters as an incubator for new urban life and a highly valuable differentiator for city branding and marketing.

Lately the urban renewal of Yongqing Fang by VANKE has gained wide recognition and praise in the media across China as a showcase example for a new approach towards inner city rejuvenation. Leaving behind the explored avenues of top-down streamlined restoration of traditional quarters into solely leisure and commercial centered historic districts, frozen in time and empty of everyday life, the new model of VANKE instead opts for Micro-Transformation. The novel method aims to combine tradition with modernity and is based upon three pillars: A participatory trajectory, with strong involvement of the local community, a case by case approach towards building restoration and the preservation of the mix of living, working, commercial and leisure, which keeps traditional quarters vibrant and thriving throughout the times.

Yongqing Fang is a part of Enning Road redevelopment and located in Xiguan area, a traditional neighborhood to the west of the bustling new central business districts of Guangzhou. Xiguan literally means the “Western Gate”. It once housed the trade and residential quarters west of the old walled city of Guangzhou. Today Xiguan forms most of Guangzhou’s Liwan district. It is one of the most protected old quarters of Guangzhou and a window in time into traditional Lingnan culture in Canton.

For more information on the PIB consortium of Integrated Sustainable Solution on Urban Challenges download the Information Brochure or contact Dutch Sino Business Promotions on dsbp@dutchsino.com

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