Collaboration project with Wolfert Tweetalig Rotterdam and Shanghai Pinghe School at the Rotterdam-PZH Garden 2021 China Flower Expo

Last week was the official opening ceremony of the 10th China Flower Expo Park in Chongming, Shanghai! As the world’s largest flower producer and exporter, the Netherlands and Chongming have always had close ties and good exchanges in flower gardening and food production. The Rotterdam-PZH garden is also one of the twelve international friendly cooperation exhibition parks at the Flower Expo.

As mentioned in the design concept of the exhibition garden, facing the challenges of climate change and urbanization, we are facing a complicated labyrinth, and the solution is our path to the future.

The designer of the exhibition garden, Mr. Bert Dautzenberg, believes that children are the masters of the future. Children’s curiosity, creativity and unlimited potential will guide ourselves, lead us through the maze and reach a sustainable future, which is the concept expressed in the central pavilion of the exhibition garden, which is why this is an interaction with children Garden.

In order to more visualize the concept of “children are the masters of the future”, the Rotterdam Exhibition Park in South Holland Province also provides space for children’s artworks. In particular, the Rotterdam Wolfert Bilingual School and the Shanghai Pinghe Bilingual School under the relationship of sister schools have been invited. The artworks of the future of the students from the two schools is exhibited in the Rotterdam-PZH garden.


With the efforts of Mr. Bert, the chief designer of the garden, and Dutch Sino Business Promotions who was charge of assisting the exchanges between the two schools, the students from Wolfert have made artistic creations in response to the urban challenges under climate change, and presented them through photography, sketching, painting, etc. Environmental and development challenges faced by the two cities. The students from Shanghai Pinghe School have created a “Banner of Wishes” which is hang above the central pavilion of the exhibition garden to send their wishes about the future city and their message of joint efforts on climate change.

In such an exhibition garden, we can fully feel the imagination of the future garden, which is a feast of senses with vision, taste, smell, hearing and touch. This is also a garden that welcomes the future masters of the world, so that children can have more opportunities to learn and inspire for future sustainable development.


At the Rotterdam-PZH garden, a total of 7 young authors from the Wolfert Bilingual School in Rotterdam were collected. The students from Shanghai Pinghe Bilingual School also drew ancient Chinese characters on the colorful flags hung in the center of the exhibition hall under the leadership of the teacher to extend best wishes to the future urban environment.

DSBP will launch a series of articles the upcoming period to focus on this bright spot and take you to take a closer look at the future masters of the art of creating a sustainable future Today. 

First of all, there will be taken a look at some of the sustainable locations in the city taken by Rocus and Zara from the Wolfert Bilingual School in Rotterdam, as well as the places where nature and the city can be intertwined.

Message from the young author:


Even though we live in the city, a lot of nature is present around us Initiatives such as ‘Blue City’ and the ‘Recycled Park’ create sustainable workplaces and recreational parks to create for the topic of sustainability.  To really try and find the balance between urban structure and sustainability we decided to head into the city and photograph sustainable places or places where nature and the city can become intertwined.


—— Rocus & Zara


In the eyes of the young authors, these corners of the city photographed from a specific angle are a landscape intertwined with nature. After enjoying these conceived photographic works, please also expect that we will continue to focus on these wonderful works full of imagination and creativity in a series of feature articles!

Please have a look below to view the photographic works of Rocus & Zara at the Rotterdam-PZH Garden.

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