Fostering Sustainable Agricultural and International Collaborations: Pinggu and Dutch Partnership

On June 29, DSBP Consultants organized another successful meeting at Den Haag between the Pinggu District and Dutch agricultural experts, paving the way for fruitful collaboration.

Ton Jonker, Director of Economics at Provincie Zuid-Holland, received the delegation and introduced the Dutch horticulture sector. Agri- and Horticulture are some of the key economic drivers in Zuid-Holland province.

Etwin Grootscholten, Senior Policy Advisor Greenports at Provincie Zuid-Holland, continued by expressing Netherlandโ€™s longstanding dedication to sustainable horticulture and their support towards Pingguโ€™s agricultural development through Dutch technology.

Tang Hailing, Secretary of the Pinggu District Committee, shared Pinggu’s vision to producing healthy and safe food. Pinggu recognizes the significance of supporting Beijing with agricultural advancements and aims to pioneer the Chinese agricultural industry.

The collaboration between Pinggu and Dutch partners offers opportunities for agricultural advancements and safe and healthy food production in China.