Agri-and Horticulture

The focus of the economic development in the past 20 years has mostly been on the industry and services sector. While the Chinese economy overall has been booming, the agriculture sector has been lagging behind for years. However, China is now developing its agriculture sector rapidly, partly stimulated by food scandals and the rapid urbanization creating challenges for the rural hinterland to supply the cities with safe and healthy food.

China’s policy makers have explicitly put a lot of emphasis on modernizing the agriculture and horticulture sector. Especially innovation (focusing on IT), rural income and sustainable production are key elements and the government invests a lot in these measures, mostly in the form of subsidies for innovative agri-horticulture projects.

Dutch Sino Business Promotions heeft veel ervaring opgebouwd in de agro-hortisector. We verbinden Nederlandse tuinbouwtechnologieën en bedrijven met investeerders, overheden en organisaties uit China door het begeleiden van bedrijfsbezoeken, introductie & matchmaking, diepgaande consultancy diensten (marktrapportages, M&A) en het beheren van consortia.