China and The Netherlands pledge to enhance its cooperation with each other

On Wednesday 26 January 2022, Premier Li Keqiang held a virtual meeting with Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte. The Netherlands is an important cooperative partner of China in Europe, where China attaches great importance to further develop its relations with the Netherlands.

Li Keqiang expressed that he hopes that the Netherlands, as an important member of the EU, will play a constructive role in promoting China-EU relations and cooperation. China is hereby ready to take the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties as an opportunity to work with the Netherlands to bring more benefits to the two countries and peoples.

The logo of the 50-year diplomatic relationship between China and the Netherlands consists of various elements, including water, where the logo is composed of abstract water lines because water is of great significance in the Dutch-Sino History and Culture. The number “50” is the main element of the logo where at the bottom, the word “people” is overlapped. The friendship between the people is key to the friendship of the two countries symbolising the long-standing friendship between China and the Netherlands. The anniversary logo also uses the two colours of “Chinese red” and “Dutch orange,” with a simple and generous design presented in the Dutch elements.