China’s environmental policies offer opportunities for sustainable technology companies

A global trend is that population tend to move to metropolitan areas. China’s economic boom has gone hand in hand with urbanization and currently 25 of the world’s largest 100 cities are located in China.

This fast economic development leads to enormous environmental challenges. In China the importance of facing the country’s challenges has been recognized now for some years. Most of all Chinese authorities realize that social stability and a healthy environment are interconnected, and need to be addressed from the early stages of industrial, agricultural and urban development. At the same time the Chinese approach stills lacks sophistication, and is often geared towards specific problem solving, and not to integrated solutions as offered by Dutch consortia.

The Dutch government, companies, and knowledge institutes are well known for their integrated solutions to address several problem areas, such as environmental challenges. Recently we have more and more positive experiences that Chinese central/local government and Chinese entrepreneurs are really willing to pay for Dutch products/ solutions, which could improve their living standard.

With this intention, we form this consortium to bring the concept “integrated solution on sustainable urban development” to the Chinese market. This PIB aims to change the Chinese bias from specific / ad hoc problem solving towards a long term, sustainable and integrated environmental solutions. Cluster members are in the position to provide an authentic combination of expertise.

DSBP is the consortium coordinator for this PIB.

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