DSBP Consultants sponsors the Sustainable Land Matters Podcast

DSBP Consultants is thrilled to announce its sponsorship of the inaugural season of the Sustainable Land Matters Podcast.
We take immense pride in supporting this platform dedicated to discussing crucial topics related to soil, land and water. 

Our director Nan Su has been actively engaged in professional networks, including NICOLE and SedNet, for the past 15 years. Her expertise and passion for “soil, water & land” matters have motivated her to extend the conversation to a wider audience through this podcast.

The Sustainable Land Matters Podcast is where we delve into the mesmerizing world of soil and sustainable land management. This podcast features conversations with experts, engineers, researchers, and policymakers from across Europe.

As the European Union gears up to adopt new legislation aim at preserving soil health, understanding the indispensable role that fertile soil plays in our existence becomes more important. Soil isn’t just the cradle of agriculture and our food supply, but it also forms the bedrock for industrial activities, urban lifestyles, biodiversity, climate control, potable water, and a myriad of other facets that are essential for life. 

The Sustainable Land Matter Podcast is available on SpotifyApple Podcast, Stitcher and Google Podcast.

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If you would also like to be engaged with this podcast or have any suggestions, please reach out to info@eugreencities.org