DSBP Introduces BetterMilk from Taiwan to the Dutch Dairy Market

The Dutch dairy sector is famous for its high-tech and innovative development all over the world, attracting attention from many companies overseas. Its research, innovation and triple helix structure set a worldwide standard.

DSBP coordinated a business trip for the Taiwanese dairy company Bettermilk. Bettermilk was introduced to the Dutch dairy experts of VetEffecT, and to InnovationQuarter. They learned how the Dutch Dairy industry developed and about the innovations that take place here, as well as about the possibilities for overseas cooperation with the Dutch dairy sector. DSBP also led the delegation to the Dairy Campus of Wageningen University & Research (WUR), a research center that is committed to innovation and sustainability in animal husbandry and the dairy sector. Talking to professionals, learning to conduct research, and seeing the high-tech operations on-site are mind- and eye-opening.

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