Join the ”Get to Know More Session” about the story of Evergrande – 5 November 16:00

Dutch Sino Business Promotions is hosting the ”Get to Know More” Webinar this Friday 5 November from 16.00-16.30 about the story of Evergrande.

No one could have easily missed this name in the news these past few months. The words associated with it are bankruptcy, debit, and financial crisis, to name a few. Want to know more about the story of Evergrande? Join us on this special zoom session Friday 5 November at 16.00 to hear more about the story behind Evergrande. Our China expert Shaw Qin will take you on a journey over the last 20 years of development of Chinese real-estate market development and the bold entrepreneurship of its CEO Xu Jiayin.

“Get to Know More” is a series of articles or webinars that DSBP publishes and organizes. During the “Get to know More” sessions, we will introduce some interesting and relevant topics about China. So keep tuned and get to know more about the latest, most interesting, and most informative topics in this field!

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