Organising more sustainable conferences with DSBP

Sustainability and carbon footprints are important topics nowadays and DSBP is acting on it. We help our clients to organise the most sustainable conferences and events by stimulating the greenest forms of transportation and compensating for the emissions.

A recent example is that we sent out a questionnaire upfront to investigate ways of travel, food, materials which will be used at the conference, and expected waste in order to design most sustainable conference.

A carbon emission inventory connected to the transport of the participants to the conference can be calculated based on the transportation data provided by the participants during the registration process. The travel-related CO2 emissions which are not able to be reduced during a conference can be compensated by partnering with sustainable projects and acquiring carbon offset credits such as with the organization Natuurpunt where trees will be planted to compensate for the CO2 emissions.

We believe that sustainability is a necessary element to organise successful conferences and DSBP is always very passionate about it. If you wish to receive any support to organize a sustainable conference or require any further information, please contact us at