Business Cultural Coaching

CIEE 2022

For Dutch entrepreneurs and professionals, up-to-date knowledge, mutual understanding and cultural insight about China is crucial for being able to operate successfully with your Chinese business relations. Cooperation, communication and negotiations are strongly culturally determined and the Chinese business culture strongly deviate from the Dutch business culture.

This may lead to cultural challenges and affect the working efficiency of the organisation. Learning how to deal with these Chinese cultural preferences could positively contribute to smooth interactions with your Chinese business relations. This business cultural knowledge and understanding will ultimately have a positive impact on the sustainable growth of your company.

If you notice that you are facing cultural challenges with your Chinese business relations, please do not hesitate to fill in the questionnaire below. The purpose of this questionnaire is to help you to get a better insight about the cultural challenges that you are facing.

With this information, we could help your organisation to:
– Improve more effective communication with your Chinese relations
– Create more efficient information sharing
– Clarify the organisational structure
– Increase the awareness of employees