Business Cultural Coaching

Why Business Cultural Coaching?

For Dutch entrepreneurs and professionals, having up-to-date knowledge, mutual understanding, and cultural insight about China is crucial for operating successfully with Chinese business relations. Cooperation, communication, and negotiations are heavily influenced by cultural factors, and the Chinese business culture significantly differs from the Dutch business culture.

These cultural differences can lead to challenges and affect the efficiency of your organization. Learning how to navigate Chinese cultural preferences can greatly improve interactions with your Chinese business partners. This cultural knowledge and understanding will ultimately contribute to the sustainable growth of your company.


At DSBP, we utilize the 4A model to effectively address your challenges.

First, we enhance your awareness by helping you recognize and understand your current issues. Next, we assist in identifying negative patterns and assessing your expectations. Based on this assessment, we provide actionable advice, guiding you on specific steps to take.
Finally, we evaluate your progress and refine our approaches to ensure you achieve your goals. This comprehensive model ensures continuous improvement and success in overcoming your challenges.

DSBP’s coaching will equip you and your team with the following skills:

– Enhance communication effectiveness with your Chinese counterparts
– Optimize information sharing processes
– Clarify and streamline the organizational structure
– Boost employee awareness and engagement

If you are interested in our coaching sessions, please contact us at, and we will provide you with customized solutions.