DSBP has many years of experience advising companies as well as governments on their China strategies. This takes place at the boardroom level, on the working floor, and in the forms of long-term strategic decisions and short-term low hanging fruit harvests. DSBP can coordinate projects but also provide qualitative market reports, where it specializes in the following sectors: Soil remediation, agri- and horticulture, water technology, education, port- and urban development and environmental sectors.

Business Support

We offer a complete support package to help your business succeed in China. We have a lot of experience helping organizations succeed. We offer business support by means of: translation, event organization & management, and matchmaking.


We teach you all the things you need to know to be successful in China. DSBP provides company training on: Chinese (business-) language and culture, train-the-trainer workshops, role plays, individual lessons and training courses.


We are native Dutch, English and Chinese communication experts. We are able to help you with all the language barriers you come across. Translations of any kind can be arranged by Dutch Sino Business Promotions.